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Derek's Tiger Wrestling

Derek's current wrestling record stands at  19 - 23


Derek restarted his wrestling with the Delano Wrestling Club in December 2011 as a 6th grader. He previously was in the K-2 program but did not continue through his 3rd - 5th grade years. With the help of Delano Wrestling Club's great coaches he is catching up very quickly. His progress will be archived here with most recent activity at the top.

8th Grade -

Partial tear MCL - late December.

Dassel-Cokato December 13, 2013. Second Place 1 pin, loss by pin.


Litchfield December 6, 2013. Second Place, 1 pin, loss by points

7th Grade - Coaches: Jeff Olson, Sean Roff, Dan Tschudi

Delano Open March 8, 2013 - 0-2 loss by pin, loss on points 4th Place

MS Tournament at Delano January 14, 2013 - 0 - 2 Losses both by pins

MS/JV/Var at Watertown - December 18, 2012 - 1-1. Loss on points, win on points.

MS Tournament at Mound - December 17, 2012 - 1-1, loss by pin, win by pin

MS/JV/VAR match vs. Orono - December 13, 2012 - win by pin in 1st

MS Tournament at Hutchinson - December 10, 2012 - 2-0! First match win 11-4, second match win by pin. First win in bracket!

MS Tournament at Dassel-Cokato December 7, 2012 - 1-1 in bracket, 2nd Place. 1 win by pin, 1 loss by pin.

MS Tournament at Litchfield November 30, 2012 - 2-1 in bracket, 2nd Place. 1 win on points 12-0, 1 loss on 2nd round pin, 1 win by 1st round pin. first tournament as a 7th grader.


6TH Grade - Coaches: Gary Kroells, Dan Tschudi, Ben Scherer, Joe Baker, Pete Dubay

5th Individual Tournament at Delano (Regional Qualifier) 3/9/12 - wrestled against Steven H. (Delano) and Jake (Waconia) 0-2. 1 loss by points, 1 by pin

5th Dual vs Buffalo at Buffalo 2/13/12 - Win on points (15-0) scored 5 points towards the team victory.


4th individual Tournament 2/11/12 - Howard Lake - Third Place. 1-2. win by pin, losses 1 by pin, 1 by points (real close, was up by two but gave up back points in 3rd period)

4th Dual vs. Waconia 2/6/12 at home - Loss by points

3rd Individual Tournament 2/3/12 - Dassel-Cokato - Third Place 0-3 (losses 2 by points, 1 by pin) Tough group again!


3rd Dual vs. Watertown at home 1/31/12 - win by pin.

2nd Individual tournament 1/21/12 - Rockford, MN - Second place - 2-1. Loss (pin) was to a really quick Waconia kid with 7 years exp. Both wins on points.


2nd Dual vs. Orono 1/17/12 - Win on points

1st wrestle off for team position 1/16/12 &1/17/12 - 2-1 vs. teammate Andrew S. (all matches decided on points)

1st Individual Tournament 1/8/12- Buffalo, MN 4th place - matched up against three very good wrestlers. (3 losses, all by pins)

1st match 1//7/12 (Dual) vs. Dassel-Cokato (at home)  win by pin.


Derek wrestling - Kindergarten

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