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Snow Creations - We Spencer's love playing in the winter, specifically we enjoy making things out of the spring snow!

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February 27, 2018 Our attempt at Olaf from Frozen. Finally got enough melting snow to resume our tradition!


Snow Snoopy - December 29, 2013 at Starbuck, MN. Jada, Jordan, Aidan, Tanner, Derek


May 30, 2013. Late spring, day before Easter. Several attempts to repair the snow squirrel during the week but a rainstorm had reduced the mighty squirrel to a tall dirty pillar. With help from Marvae we hauled snow from the side yard and viola! Our snow Easter Bunny was created. Jordan claims that although he is a great bunny - deep inside he'll always be a squirrel! Unseasonably cold weather allowed the snow bunny to survive for several days past Easter.

Snow Squirrel - will work for nuts! march 9, 2013

2010-11 Spencer / Lang skating rink and Snow tube run

Snowbear "KNUT" - January 2010. Derek, Jordan and Dad

Learning how to make an igloo - March 2008. Derek, Jordan, Tanner

Snow Penguins January 2008 - Hunter, Megan, Jordan, Dorothy, Derek, Blake

Snow Dragon January 2007

Snowman Contest December 21, 2006

A Snowman just like me? January 2, 2006

First Snowfort at Grandma Marvae's house 12/26/2005

Our attempt at Frosty the Snowman December 2005

Big snowman February 2005

January Thaw 2004

Snow people February 2003      and in March 2003....                            


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