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Spencer for Independence City Council

November 7, 2017 - voters in Independence re-elected Linda “Lynn” Betts and Brad Spencer to their city council seats in city elections. They were unopposed on the ballot again. Betts received 99 votes and Spencer received 102 votes. Voters cast 9 write-in ballots.


November 2013 - voters in Independence re-elected Linda “Lynn” Betts and Brad Spencer to their city council seats in city elections, Tuesday, Nov. 5. They were unopposed on the ballot.Betts received 344 votes and Spencer received 354 votes. Voters cast 23 write-in ballots. Press News 11/5/13

11/3/09 - we won!
Official results
Lance Gyllenblad 349
Chris Stephan 303
Lynn Betts 632
Brad Spencer 696

Better than we could have hoped for!
Thank you to all our supporters!

Delano Herald Journal - November 3, 2009 results

Delano Eagle - November 3, 2009 results

Absentee voters who will be unable to vote on Tuesday may cast their ballots at Independence City Hall, 1920 County Rd 90, on Saturday 10/31/09 from 10:00am - 3:00pm and on Monday 11/2/09 from 8:00am - 5:00pm.
Polls will be open on Election Day Tuesday 11/3/09 until 8:00pm
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click here to view the voters guide as published in the Delano Eagle
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Who is Brad Spencer and why should you vote for him to be on the City of Independence council?


Experience. I served as Independence Planning Commissioner for 6 years (1/03 – 3/09), the last 18 months as its Chairman. During that time I chaired the public hearings on the 2030 comprehensive plan, the shoreland ordinance, and much of the water related work MS4, SWMP, Flood Plain. I also served on the commission when the city codified the building & zoning ordinances a few years back. Additionally, I have sat on many of the city RFP review committees over the past 6 years. These RFP committees have reviewed proposals and produced recommendations to the City Council for hiring / contracting for the majority of the recently renewed city positions including City Planner, Water Resources, City Engineer, and development of the 2030 Comprehensive plan. I have volunteered for city projects, including many years of involvement with the city cleanup day. I monitor almost every Council meeting, Pioneer-Sarah Creek Watershed meeting, Planning Commission and most Parks commission meetings by attending, reviewing minutes, or watching the meetings on the internet when recordings are available. My involvement with the City of Independence and neighboring cities has given me a tremendous insight about how the city operates, and what the city can and should do for its citizens.


Public Safety. I strongly support our police and fire departments. Recently, discussions regarding the possible termination of the joint powers agreement providing for public safety services from West Hennepin Public Safety (WHPS) have been published in the media. I have and will continue to oppose any attempt to dismantle what I consider to be one of the finest police departments in the region.


Taxes. Like almost everyone I know, I would prefer my taxes be lower. I also realize promising a significant reduction in property tax in this economy would be impossible to deliver on without cutting the city services to unacceptable levels. With taxable market values expected to decline by nearly double digit percentages, state aid to cities in question, and fee income in decline, the implications for the city budget would appear ominous. I truly believe the city can and ought to provide certain services to meet the expectations of the majority of its taxpayers, something Independence has done very well to date. I expect a city to manage its finances responsibly and be accountable for its actions. Important decisions must be discussed and always be made in the public forum. Ultimately, I would prefer to navigate the current economic recession without raising city taxes further which may prove to be a daunting task in itself.


Environment. On the issue of the environment I believe the city needs to take a lead role in pursuit of solutions to our problems relating to our natural and water resources. Three of our city's lakes have approved or in-process nutrient TMDLs with at least two more on the impaired list soon to follow. Failure to act intelligently will have significant consequences for our future. Although we may not be able to commit significant dollars to the effort in the current economy, I believe there are still many things we can accomplish in the effort to leave our little piece of the world a better place for our kids.


Planning / Development. On land use, I do not have a personal preference on rate or scope of development although I see a need for the city to improve the revenue side of its balance sheet. I believe the community must plan for its future rather than develop haphazardly as opportunities pop up. I would like the city to try to incorporate more advanced thinking in its development plans to create a more viable land use plan without damaging its options for the community's future needs. Although on the face of it more rapid growth would appear to create appetizing new sources of income to the city, much of this growth would be accompanied by increased expenditures for services to those new developments. Any designs for growth must be balanced by their true long-term benefit to the community.


Unprejudiced. I am intelligent enough to know that I do not have all the answers. I realize that every situation is unique and must be examined from multiple viewpoints before a fair, valid and responsible decision can be made. Having hard and fast positions like “I think we should have more density in residential” or “we absolutely have to develop commercial on the western border”, or “We must cut taxes in half “ is impractical and often irresponsible.


Commitment to Community Service. My family has lived in Independence since January 1997, my wife Lisa and kids Derek (9) and Jordan (7) love the rural setting, quality schools, and wealth of parks and public facilities. I credit many of the strengths of our community to the willingness of people to become involved and volunteer their time, resources, and energy. I too believe strongly in the value of community involvement. During the 13 years I have lived in Independence I have served for 8 years on the board of the Lake Sarah Improvement Association, 3 years as a leader in the Delano Cub Scout Pack, and 6 years on the Independence Planning Commission. I have created multiple websites for non-profit organizations such as the Lake Sarah Improvement Association (, Delano Cub Scout Pack 273 ( and maintain the website for the Delano Sportsmens Club ( I publish 2 monthly newsletters and I am constantly assuming leadership roles within the social organizations in which I participate.


Pragmatic. I try to be as prepared and informed as possible when I participate in public discussion, and I do my best to keep an open mind to contrary viewpoints. I consider myself to be a reasonable and respectful person in my dealings, and believe I can be a valuable servant to the community. If you have questions about my experience or ability to serve please contact me by email or by phone at 612.616.7548.

Plaque presentation August 17, 2009 inscribed "In recognition of service as a member of the City of Independence Planning Commission January 1, 2003 - December 31, 2008". Click here to read the 8/20/09 Delano Eagle news article by Sue VanCleaf 
L to R: Bruce Satek, Toni Hirsch, Mayor Marvin Johnson, Lisa Spencer, Brad Spencer. photo by Mike Peterson



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